Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sneak Peek: DJ KIMKAT photoshoot for FHM. WWW.djkimkat.com

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  1. Hi Kim i am crap at these type of things i never know what to say, all i can say is that you were unknown to me a few days ago and i have done a bit research on you to find out more about you, i have watched the odd clip off you on youtube and you come across as warm,enthusiastic,charismatic and good mannered, i do notice you play with your hair a lot in the you tube interview clips which maybe is nerves and you are human so its natural, to be honest i am just making this up as i go along so if you think what is this guy rabbiting on about then i wouldn't be surprised lol, anyway enough of my banter and hope to see you make some more lovely keyboard music vids soon.
    Richard B




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